Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Roxanne Martin 1994-2010

ANNISTON - Roxanne died January 5 at Anniston Veterinary Clinic. She was 16 years old. Survivors include her loving parents, Jeremy and Lori Martin, Grandparents; Dan and Sandra Blackstone, brothers; Simon, Quincey, Maurice, Bailey and Brindle and sister; Cybil. She was preceded in death by: (cats) Franklin, Samantha, Annie, Thomas, Butter, Callie, Chip, Charlie, (dogs) Molly, Killer and Burt.

Roxanne was found in Auburn, Alabama in 1994 by Jeremy in a wood pile at West Building Supplies. He called me at work and asked if he could bring home this small, pink, fuzzy kitten he found. Of course I said yes and met him at the apartment. Sure enough, she was pink! After a bath in the kitchen sink, we discovered why she was pink, she was covered in fleas and had so much blood in her fur. I held this tiny kitten, sleeping in my lap, and pulled fleas off of her belly with tweezers. She and Franklin quickly became companions and were never far apart. As more kitties and dogs were added to our family she played the roll of Queen kitty and mothered everyone. She often would hold down another kitty and force bath their face and ears. As she aged I would find Simon washing her face and snuggling with her to keep warm. She loved to be be near and often slept on my shoulder, just to be close.

Last night, sitting by the fire thinking about Roxanne and our years together I looked around and everyone was in the living room with me. Simon, Quincey and Maurice gathered on the couch, Cybil was next to me on the kitty condo, Bailey on the floor and Brindle laying on Jeremy on the love seat. My whole furry little family gathered together to be close to each other and to remember Roxanne.

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Barb said...

Sweet memories. Thanks for sharing. Sorry for your loss. She sounded so loving.