Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Emergency Vehicles. If you see or hear one - GET OUT OF THE WAY! Just move, scoot over, turn into a driveway - so what if its not the driveway you were headed for just turn for Gods sake. Get in the other lane, get off the side of the road, whatever it takes to get out of the way of the emergency vehicle.

What brings me to this particular rant today? Well, yesterday, while driving down Quintard Avenue (a 3 laned road) a firetruck pulled quickly from the station onto Quintard, lights blazing, sirens roaring... no one moved. I was a a few red lights ahead of the firetruck, stopped at a red light, I watched in my rear view mirror the truck try to get through again, no one moved. Three lanes, one car each and no one got out of the way. Made me angry also made me think. What if it was the jerk in the black Nissan whose house was on fire? Would he of moved then? What if the imbecile in the red compacts husband was just in a bad car wreck? Would she make an effort to get out of the way? Do you not you think the people involved in the emergency this vehicle had been dispatched to care for were hoping beyond hope that the trained professionals would get there as fast as possible? What are the paramedics going to say, "Hey, sorry your husband died, got behind a slow Lexus on Quintard and no one would get over. Have a nice day....." Fireman, "Wow, sorry for the total loss of your home and all of your pictures and memories, the traffic was a bitch to navigate."

Summary: If you SEE or HEAR an emergency vehicle GET OUT OF ITS WAY, it might be going to rescue your Mother.

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