Monday, June 1, 2009


Sorry I haven't written anything in a while, I'm sure my fans are disappointed... all 3 of them!

No, really, I'm just kidding. I have had a very busy May. I have worked more, not working than I did when I was working.... huh? 

Well I should clarify that, I have been a whole lot busier but not getting payed for it. 

Let me try again... I have been having the time of my life, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

There that about sums it up!

Since October 2008 I have: learned to relax, learned to sleep, enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas for the first time in years, played outside, enjoyed the Spring, walked in the rain (lots of walks in the rain), looked at all of our historic statues on Quintard Ave., enjoyed the planning and execution of both the Noble Street Festival and Relay for Life, planted a garden, sat still and watched the new baby birds fly for the first time, I've gone sliding, played t-ball. I have enjoyed many days with my Mama, cleaning house, organizing, laughing. 

I have done much more and much less. But the most important thing I have done is learn to be still and listen. I have become a better person, stronger, more outgoing (scary thought!).

Now, I am going to enjoy my summertime! I feel like a little kid again, out of school and all I have to worry about are a few chores and sunscreen! So, if you will excuse me.... CANNONBALLLLLL!!!!

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Robyn said...

hey Lori,
I don't know how to "follow" your blog, but I am a fan. So, now you have.....4!