Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain Rain, I like it!

Have you ever walked down Quintard in the rain? Noble Street? Well, if you haven't, you should. 

I didn't know, when I started my day that this would be one of those days that completes... a cycle, a circle if you will. Two weeks ago I was dancing on Noble Street in the rain - during the Noble Street Festival and Bike Race. Today I was walking the median of Quintard, in the rain, taking down the purple ribbons we put up in honor of Relay for life. 

Some people would complain, not me! I found something special and enjoyable about both days spent in the rain. How many times have you walked the major roads of your home town? How many times have you stopped to look at the different buildings, monuments, signs, potholes... in your home town??? I can dare a guess... NONE! Well, I tell you, you should! Take a walk down Noble Street, look at the buildings the facades, the people. Do it in on a rainy day and you will see even more. 

My Saturday of the Noble Street Festival spent in the rain was a wonderful day. In the middle of Noble Street, rain dripping from my hat, I smiled, a real... heart felt smile. One that starts at your toes and radiates to your very scalp. The kind of feeling that makes you glad to be alive. The rain stopped and the sun came out, the rain made me appreciate the sunshine even more!

I cant explain the feeling of the rain without sounding a bit strange but I felt.. clean, refreshed, new like a sunflower reaching for the sky but savoring the rain!


Tosha Jupiter said...

I told someone that day ... "Lori was so soggy and happy. They couldn't have a better person running things down there ..."

I think you are awesome.

Bo said...

Beautiful post; very evocative.

And I think you are awesome too. :)