Thursday, April 23, 2009

People are strange when your a stranger....

First, 2 strange conversations I had today.

I must start this with the statement of, I am not racist or too prejudice. That being said... while shopping for plants at Downey's in Anniston, I spoke to two black women also shopping for plants. One appeared to be very old and the other, possibly a daughter, niece, relation of some sort, was much younger. They were having a good time, talking to the young man working, helping them pick out their plants and chatting with them. I roamed around, smelled all the flowers and picked out the best tomato, pepper and jalapeno plants I could find. I smelled them too, it was awesome. Anyway, as my arms got full I placed them on the counter and continued looking. These ladies were chatting and laughing, having a good time teasing the boy helping them. As they were leaving they looked in my now full box lid, young Downey had transferred my plants from the counter into a manageable way to carry, they said, "Oh what are you getting today?" I told them tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, basil. The old lady says, "For your garden?" Yes ma'am. She says, "Are you going to plant them yourself, or have someone do it for you?" 

Now, I thought this was an odd question. She didn't. I said, 'yes, ma'am I am going to plant them in my garden, in my yard today.' She continued, "Your not going to have someone do it for you? Well, good for you." With that, she left, smiling with an arm full of tomato plants.... I am still slightly baffled.

Second strange conversation. 

This one takes place at a drive through, you would think I had learned not to go through this drive through but I have to have a bad Mexican (sort of) fix that only Taco Bell can take care of. Anyway, I have ordered my taco, pulled to the window and the lady says, "would you like mild sauce with that?" I said Hot sauce please. She looks at me stunned and says "Hot? are you sure?" again, Yes ma'am. She says, ready for this???? "But you're white...." ?????????

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