Thursday, April 9, 2009

Observations from today

I saw an old man riding a bicycle today, he stopped half way up a hill for a smoke break....

My 98lb dog is afraid of ugly ducks. While walking today, we rounded a tree and surprise to all 3 of us and a pair of ugly ducks were resting in the shade. The ones with strange lumps on their heads and bills. Actually I think they are very interesting looking, anyway. After the surprise Brindle tried to remove my left arm by the wrist. He took off so fast after  the flailing, frightened ducks he almost jerked me down. I should of just fallen, it wouldn't of hurt as bad as the leash burn I have on my wrist and my throbbing shoulder! After a very short pursuit the ducks realized they were safe and turned on the dog, my very large, brave K9 turned tail and hid, behind me and Bailey my smaller, saner dog.

Tonight's t-ball game was rescheduled, it was suppose to be Friday night, realizing it was Good Friday and Easter weekend, it was moved to Thursday. In moving the day we also had to change fields. Form field C to D. On approach to the fields someone from another team approached me, apparently I looked like I knew what was going on (HAHAHAHAH). She asked if I knew which field her grandson was playing on, I inquired the teams name, she couldn't remember. I asked the color of the team, she didn't know. So to keep things simple I said, "Well, its either field C or D" she says, "C or what" D I say a little louder, as in DOG. Questions are coming, I feel em... she says, "Dogs, no there are no dogs here...."

Kids say the strangest things. tonight while practicing t-ball one of the kids dads came to the fence. He said 'hi dad' and I said, 'Wow is that your Dad??' He said 'Yes, and he's Black!!' I was stunned silent, he (the child) then stated, 'and I'm white!' to this I was also stunned silent and tickled!

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