Thursday, March 26, 2009

People are bad drivers.

Yes at times we are all bad drivers, but right now I am complaining about eveyone but myself. All people, ok most people... a lot of people are really bad drivers. Why do I state this obvious point, wellll, keep reading. 

My car is yellow. My car is VERY yellow, VERY VERY yellow. My car is so yellow color blind people can see it. My car doesnt blend in with anything, except, maybe, a  4.5 foot high wall of yellow tulips and quite frankly, I have never actually seen one of those. Its YELLOW people, YELLOW, not Champagne or beige which can be missed on a foggy or misty day, not white or off white that can be glanced upon and missjudged when the sun is shining high and bright, its BRIGHT YELLOW with black checker board on the top, again something you dont see everyday!

Enough of that, the reasons I think people are bad drivers. I was sitting still, parked in a LARGE parking lot, minding my own business and a car a random run of the mill, grey car zooming throught the parking lot cut so close to my car I flinched. They were just drving through the parking spaces, not the road or the driveway, throught the parking spots, lined off to PARK. As they drove away, I thought, well hell, I know they saw me here!

Second incident: I'm driving down Quintard in my VERY yellow car, another car decides they want my lane, I'm still in it, so I honk and they flip me off. Well, a mile or so latter I pull up next to the flipper offender and realize she has been driving for all of 4 days, the song I'm singing to on my pod is older than her. 

Third and not fininal incident: My mother and I went to Olive Garden, I parked in the back of the paring lot, away from the convenient spots to avoid any unwanted contact. After a delicious lunch we made our way back to the car to find a LARGE truck parked VERY close to my drivers door. I thought I was going to have to crawl through the back to get into the car. Just becasue my car is small and only takes up 2/3 of the parking spot doesnt mean someone in a large vehicle gets to use the rest of my parking spot.

So people, look out for a small, fast, YELLOW, vehicle with a black checkerboard on top, its me!

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