Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everything is funny at 2:30AM

This morning, for some reason I was awake at 2am. I laid in bed for a while, tossed and turned and decided to to get up and find my book. It was 2:24am when I got out of bed, both dogs followed me to the kitchen and wanted out. So I proceeded to the back door, strolled out onto the back porch and opened the screen door. I followed the dogs onto the deck so I could look at the moon. It was full and the whole yard bathed in silver. All this was nice, until.... the dogs took off running, fast. They shot to the left, chased something small and furry, they ran all around the fence, under the porch around the yard again. It was amazing and not so quiet. 

I came back into the house, crept down the hall, trying not to wake Jeremy, only to find him standing at the window. I said, "I'm sorry did the dogs wake you?" He said, "huhhh, yea. Well actually I was confused, I heard the dogs running and barking, you calling them. Thats when I noticed the windows are open and realized its February and the windows shouldn't be open in February...."

This tickled me, all the commotion with the dogs and he is concerned about the windows being open in February. I got the giggles.

Well, it doesnt end here. I got the dogs in and crawled back into bed. Both dogs were keyed up from their run and whatever they were chasing. Bailey finally jumped up on the bed and settled down with me and Brindle laid on the floor next to the bed. After a few minutes, I think everyone is asleep and Brindle is wagging his tail, beating it on the bed frame. Jeremy turns over and says,"What is that noise?" I said, "What noise? Do you mean Brindle's tail hitting the bed?" He says, "Ooohhh thats what that was, I thought someone was bouncing a basketball and all I could think of was what a$$%^&@ would be doing that at 2:30AM!" Much laughter ensued after this comment, nothing is funnier at 2:30 in the morning than the thought of someone bouncing a basketball or a dog wagging his tail.

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Kent Walker said...

What is funnier is that it is usually one of you laughing at 2:30 am and the other is not amused. That makes the laugher laugh even harder. I am just saying..