Monday, February 2, 2009

Pages of my life Scrapbook

I've been strolling down memory lane today. There is nothing better than to look back at old pictures on a cold, rainy Monday. Well, really its kind of a skip down memory lane, the pictures I am looking at and scanning today are all jumbled years, people and events. I came upon this box of pics in my Mama's Christmas storage room (aka junk room) just a big box that apparently, lots of smaller boxes of random pictures had been dumped in. I volunteered to go through and sort, see whats there. I have enjoyed this process throughly. I have re-discovered some good old memories. Mama always comments that I remember the 
strangest things and so many things. I cant remember peoples names sometimes but I can remember what I dressed as in 5th grade on 'Come as your favorite book character day'! Its easy to recall details when the details of my life have been wonderfully preserved on millions, yes millions of photographs. I've had Paul Simons 'Kodachrome' song going through my head all morning. 

Its fun to look back at these pictures and see time frozen in each and every one. The smiles, the horrible clothes of the 70's, memories all there for us to see and ponder. Sometimes life feels like a scene from a movie, after today I think its more like pages from a scrape book!


Barb said...

Love the pics!

Bo said...

We share that freakishly good memory, which is yet another good thing about our reconnection!