Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wooshing with the Waves

The roar is awesome, the moon light melting into the incoming waves, crashing over and over into the sand. It is a wonderful sound, the roar and crash of the waves hitting the shore. The waves are hitting so fast they sizzles as they wash up on to the sand. A sizzle sizzle sizzle, CRASH and roar, and it all starts again. The sounds of the ocean could be described as dangerous, daunting and scary. I find them soothing, comforting and relaxing. Crazy? Probably.

Hurricane Ike has missed us, my family was worried we would be bothered by the storm, we haven't even had a drop of rain. The waves however, have been BIG. Ike has stirred up the ocean at-large and pushed lots of water our way. We had a blast today playing in 2 feet of water that would quickly turn into 4 feet with one wave. The undertow was huge and fun! It was a red flag day for the water but a perfect day to sit under the umbrella on the beach and watch the waves roll in, listen to the water crash and roll on the sand.

The rumble of the waves can be heard now, inside as I type this. They make me smile and soothe my soul. Its hard to describe the sound of the ocean, it doesn't quite match the sound of a shell. The closest I can come to describing the sound... if you could put your ear to my chest, you would hear the beautiful sound of the ocean. You would also hear the sound of my happy heart, wooshing in time with the waves.

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