Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back to the grind and shoes

Well, I'm home, back to the land of the real and working. I enjoyed being a beach bum for 7 whole days! But now begins the re-entry into real life. My first taste of this has been the realization that I have to wear shoes tomorrow. I haven't worn shoes in 7 days, flip flops yes, but not real shoes. Flip flops, by their name alone proves they aren't real shoes, they barely make it to sandal level. This sole covering is so named for the sound it makes. What other foot wear is named for its sound? Ok, galoshes, but no others!

Anyway I am doing those things to get ready to go back to work, washing clothes, putting things away, trying to find THAT smell in my kitchen that is unidentifiable and bad, cleaning up something the cats dumped out and deciding what to wear to work tomorrow that shouts "I'M BAAAACK" and shows off my great tan and sun streaked hair, HA! Of course the shoes are the problem, because my feet have enjoyed being free. Something comfortable that I can slip off easily under my desk. I wonder if my co-workers would mind if I came in my pink bathing suite, beach hat and of course, flip flops!

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