Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Zits - Not Just For Teenagers Anymore

Hi, I'm a 38 year old woman and I have zits.

I got to work, looked in the mirror and felt like it was the first day of 9th grade again. My hair was flat, my face was shiny and I had a zit on my chin. I took care of the offending pore, replaced makeup, brushed my already ruined hair and dabbed the sweat from my forehead, said "Oh Well" and went to my desk. Most everyone walking in to work these days has a similar 'glow'. It doesnt help that its 93 degrees by 8am, humidity is 103%, the air is to thick to breath. Even the birds are sweating. Have you ever seen a bird pant!? I have, yesterday walking in to work, a little bird was sitting in the shrub by my car, panting. If he could talk he would of said, "Damn, its HOT!"

Summer in the south should have its own definition, its own set of rules. Dress codes should change for summer, or for August at least. Shorts and t-shirts, sandals and caps. AC on icy and pools in the break area. I didnt understand the 'Dog days of Summer' happening in August until recently. They need to be called the 'Holy Shit its HOT- sweltering days of Summer'.

I am only in the heat for the time it takes to get from my house to the car, car to work and back again. I don't even leave for lunch most days so I can save gas and not go outside. My brother works outside, I don't know how he does it. Not only does he work outside ALL DAY, he works on concrete with black metal pipes and stuff, so its even hotter. I'm surprised his boots aren't melted to the concrete pad. I am an air conditioner whore, gotta have my AC!

A very good thing about living in the south and having a super humid atmospher, I have great skin. Many southern women do. The moisture in the air keeps our skin soft and supple (greasy, slick and shiny too!)

So its time to fix my hair, which will be flat and frizzy 20 minutes after I leave, apply makeup that will melt from my face, iron a shirt that will be damp and wrinkled again shortly, and go to work. At least I dont have a zit on my chin, today its on my fore head.

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