Thursday, August 21, 2008

Road Hazards, maybe

I have seen many strange things in the road. Some intentionally tossed out some, I often wonder, how in the world they got there. Like shoes, well not shoes really, single shoes. Why do you always see just one shoe? One boot? I mean how often do you leave your shoes somewhere in or on your vehicle where they can end up in the road? Trucks I get, but why would you put shoes in the back without fallout protection?

Of course there are many many other things on the road, hats, trash, tire parts, cigarette butts, tarps, the often disgusting unidentifiable (usually sad) carcass, boxes, saw a chair once, broken car bits, glass, more trash. Anyway, my point here is I saw something in the road yesterday that I can honestly say I have never seen before, in the road. A black bra. That's it, no one attached to it, nothing more. No matching undies, just a lacy black bra. I found this very strange, very strange indeed. Lead me on a quick mental quest. How did it get there? Why was it there? Did the owner miss it? Did the former wearer throw it out? Was IT in the bed of a truck unprotected, like the shoes? Was it a stunt or a liberating moment that lead to the bra's demise in the middle of Quintard? Or was some woman just having a really bad bra day and was fed up with the offending undergarment and flung it out the window?

I will never know how the bra got there, probably shouldn't waist brain cells thinking about it. I just find it so curious and know now that there are new road hazards to look out for. I mean who knows what a wild, half crushed under wire could to to a tire!

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