Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Men are Funny

Why, you may ask, do I think men are funny? Well, because they do some silly things. For example tonight I was, freshening up my hair. Yes, coloring it, so what, everyone does it!!!! No, really I was freshening up my look, I had put on the coloring goo waited the allotted 25 minutes, left the living room to rinse my hair. It takes a minute to get all the stuff out. Well apparently J missed me, so he came down the hall looking for me. I had my head in the tub, rinsing out the goo when he walked in and said, "Hey!" Well needless to say, he startled me, bad.

So after hitting my head on the tub water thing and slinging water all over the bathroom, I said, "Hi, WHAT, you scared me!"

I realized he wasnt looking at me, he was looking into the tub area. I looked at him kinda funny and he said, "Well, you disappeared, I came to find you and you had your head in the tub rinsing something from your hair and you have Drain-O and Scum cleaner on either side of you....?"

See, I told you, Men are Funny!


Bo said...

We're very simple creatures.

martinstone said...

I like simple!