Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Awwwww, isnt she cute!

She's here! well almost here, I go get her tomorrow!!!! This is YellowBell my MINI, in the garage of Mini of south Atalanta, she's getting her strips and checkered roof. My wonderful sales person has been great through this whole thing. I know he will be glad to be rid of the crazy lady from Alabama. I'm going to ask him tomorrow if all new MINI owners are as excited and nutty as I am about getting their new babies. Thats how the dealer refers to them, they call the cars 'Your MINI baby' really! I am adopting her and have named her too. So since this my MINI's first picture I guess technically this is the sonogram taken by 'Dr.' Bryan Hunter.

There will be many many more pictures of YellowBell, crazy? YES, but its my NEW car, my blog and I'll do what I want!!!

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