Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Floating, Bugs, Birds, Leaves and a Breeze

I floated today. I like to float, just me in my pool, green noodle under my neck, floating. Head partially submerged, not ears though, hair swimming out behind my head, weightless, ahhhhhh.

While I was floating, staring at the sky, I saw two leaves fall. Two yellow leaves, I think they were racing to the ground. The wind blew a small little breeze that tickled the trees, i heard them laugh. I would like to count the leaves, if I were the wind I think thats what I would do, count all the leaves on all the trees I blew through. While I was enjoying the breeze I saw a red bird, a male red bird, Cardinal if you will, fly out of the woods, and dip into another tree. I watched the tree limb for a minute, until I saw the leaves rustel thats when I saw it. The nest, the Cardinal was in the nest with its babies, I heard them chirpping, made me smile. I watched Bailey, one of my dogs, roll in the grass, he layed on his back and smiled at me. He jumped up and chased a couple of bugs, he missed them all. The grass and the bugs made him happy.

Dont you wish you could roll around in the grass with no worries get up smiling and feeling great, not a care in the world except the yellow leaves falling, the breeze, the birds, catching bugs and floating.

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Lisa Marie Mary said...

I love this post! We were back 'home' visiting my family in Dallas a few weeks ago, and I spent some time floating in my mom's pool, just looking up at the sky. It was so nice. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

Oh and yes, I have a tree in my yard already going yellow - it's crazy!!!