Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bank Robbers at Large....

What is happening to our community? This morning, Ive been up maybe 11 minutes and I am already afraid and disgusted. My little community has turned into a crime zone. In this mornings paper the front page story is about a bank robbery not 5 miles from my houses and less than that from my work place. Two men robbed the bank and kidnapped 2 women. This happened only one parking lot away from Wal Mart where several people have been stalked in the parking lot and at least one couple followed to their home, held at gun point and robbed. What the HELL is going on.

We dont live in a big fancy city, this isnt New York (no offence NY) we do not have that many people squeezed into a small area. My home town is still a small town, homes and people in every price range, farm land and appartments downtown. Mansions and modest town homes.

What are we suppose to do now, pray for safety and carry a hand gun? Lock ourselves away in our homes and hope no one decides they want our stuff and break in? Do we shoot first and ask questions latter? Is it gas prices that are making these foolish people attack my neighborhood?

This is my home, my home town, a place i have always been proud to call mine. I am ashamed of the things hapening here, it makes me sad and very angry. I have two thing to say to these people, GO AWAY and I will pray for you, but dont mess with me and mine, I will not go down without a fight!

As for protection, as my Granmother says, "Once I start shooting, it doesnt stop till its empty."

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