Monday, May 5, 2008

Lunch with the birds

I had lunch today with 2 geese and 3 geese babies, gosling's if you will. A Mom and Dad goose, well at least I assumed they were, anyway, the 3 gosling's are getting large. I have been watching this feathery family all Spring. They live on the little island in the middle of the pond I like to have lunch beside. I saw the babies when they first fell out of the nest, tiny little furry, feathery fluff balls. They stuck close by the parents as they glided through the pond, eating whatever geese eat. Well today these 3 babies walked tall out of the pond, half the size of their parents, geese are pretty large by the way, and mean. They all swam right toward me and got out of the pond right in front of me, walked up to my lunch bag, like I brought something for them. I felt kind of bad, because I had a chicken pot pie for lunch, one of their distant cousins. Strange. Anyway, the parents sat no less than 10 feet from me and watched me eat my KFC delight, the gosling's poked around in the grass and weeds, again, eating whatever it is geese eat. I kept waiting on them to get board, freak out or spooked, something and walk away. They didnt, I guess I was their lunch entertainment. I brought a book and tried to read, but having 5 geese stair at you is a little strange, especially when I have seen these same 2 geese chase a stupid, but grown, man, woman and child across the grassy area on the other side of the pond. I put my book down, one because I was afraid of a sneak attack and two because I thought perhaps they wanted to have a conversation and I didn't want to be rude.

Finally the children got board and walked away into the deeper weeds by the pond, again, eating whatever geese eat. One parent bird gave me a head nod and walked away. After a few minutes the other parent, actually bowed, or something like it, ducked its head really close to the ground and made a funny noise, turned and waddled off with the others. It was like it was saying goodbye to me. Made me smile. Lunch with the birds great!

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