Wednesday, May 7, 2008

20 years, WOW 1988 was a great year!

I was trying to help the hubby do a write up about himself and our life for
the past 20 years for his 20 year Class reunion blog spot. I read some of
the other blogs to get an idea of what to write, after reading theirs, it
just made it harder to write his. Not because our life is so interesting or
boring, for that matter, but when you get a bunch of people back together
after this many years apart there is a lot of information that can be
shared or not shared. For instance, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the blogs I read
started with "Class of '88 cant believe its been 20 years" (this is fine,
and true). Then it moves onto "I am a proud Mother/father of 1, 2 3, 4..., my 16 year old is a.... my daughter is a majorette at..." not one of them says:

"Hi, its been 20 years and here I am, 60lbs/70lbs heavier, less hair/more
hair, more money, more stress, more bills, health insurance, high blood
pressure and aging parents. I am not working my dream job (but have one I
love), I haven't climbed Mt. Everest, saved the world or conquered all
things conquerable. I am a very happy mediocre 38 year old so and so. Not so
special in any way except to my family. I have no offspring therefore
haven't polluted the gene pool. I recycle and garden, like to bake and make
beer and my pets love me. I'm very happy all of my clothes from high school
are in style again, not that I could fit into them. I've re-purchased all of
our generations music on CD and since transferred to my iPod (that I cant
live without)." That info. true but boring, isnt mentioned.

However, in reading these blogs i realized I too have learned much in the past 20 years.
(Its time for my 20 year reunion too!)

High School Senior shouldn't have to choose a major at 18, what the hell did
we know about anything at 18, certainly nothing about the real world and
what real work was. I wanted to be an artist, which I am. But had I known
then what I know now about money, I would of tried harder to be a doctor.

College is tough, books are expensive, you learn a lot living in the dorm
that has nothing to do with the curriculum.

Mom was right. Period.

Unless you were a totally and complete geek with no life you did not make it
out of college in 4 years. Being in school longer than 4 years cant all be
attributed to parties, goofing off and sleeping. The university (of your
choice) screws you toward the end, they know you need certain classes to get
out and to keep you there longer they cancel them.

Take chances. (Not obviously stupid ones)

Make lots of friends and keep up with them!

Take whatever job you can find in your chosen field, then look for one that
you 'think' is perfect.

Newly engaged couples, fresh out of college should not pick out china and
flatware patterns. Most newlyweds don't have a place to live much less know
what they need for a kitchen.

The college freshman 15 (lb) is nothing, wait til you get the first years married 30 (lb)!

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Bo said...

Here it is slappin' us in the face! Incredible, isn't it?

Your senior portrait is adorable. All together...1, 2, 3....awwwwwwwww... :)