Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Noble Street Bike Festival

Biking, I love to ride my bike. Maybe its a leftover childhood thing grown into a new fascination or a re-newed fascination. The only way my parents could punish me was to take away my bike. They couldn't send me to my room, I was happy to go there and read or draw or listen to music. I came from one of those, you know, old fashioned families that liked the family to do things together like watch TV, eat or just be together. So I was one of those dorks that didn't have a TV in my room till I went to college or a phone til I was a teenager and I turned out pretty good!

Anyway, coming soon to Anniston, Alabama is one of the greatest events I have ever been a part of (working not riding). Partly because it bring so many people to my great little home town but it brings bike riders from all over the world here to ride in the races downtown on Saturday and the Sunny King Crit. on Sunday. There is food and vendors and art show, kidz stuff. its GREAT! Enough from me, here's the real info.

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