Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Am A Southerner!!!

Living in New York.

There is no damn way I would ever, EVER for any reason under the sun, that I would live in Downtown New York. EVER, I mean no way, no how, never. I’m happy I got to visit, loved seeing the city and all the sites, but I am twice as happy to be leaving!

No offense to New York or New Yorkers but I am a Southerner, a true to life, died in the wool, die hard, I love my Mama and them, Alabama Southerner. I love the clean air, the clean water and open spaces of home. I will never complain about traffic again, because compared to New York, there is no such thing as traffic in Anniston, Alabama. It might take me 20 minutes to get to Starbucks in Oxford from work. In NY it takes you that long to go half a block, and by the way, I could see 2 Starbucks from our hotel, so coffee wasn’t an issue.

Space, I like my space. I didn’t realize how much personal space I liked around myself till there wasn’t any. ANY! It wasn’t elbow to elbow it was chest to back, hip to hip, toe to heel. I ran into peoples butts, boobs, hips, stepped on peoples feet they stepped on mine too. I nudged this one young mans butt so many times while waiting on the bus that he turned to talk to me, probably thought I was hitting on him, he was cute….

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