Saturday, March 15, 2008

Big Big BIG City of New York

New York

People are EVERYWHERE!!!! I have never seen so many people in my life, ever. And just when I thought there couldn’t possibly be anymore people on the sidewalks, we went to China Town and guess what… more people, lots more. Also, anything and everything is for sale here. I think the only thing we didn’t see for sale was body parts and probably the only reason we didn’t see those was because we were on the wrong block.

Food, wow the food, I mean WOW! You want it its here, somewhere. We ate in little Italy and yummy, of my goodness it was delicious. A beautiful, tiny little place probably didn’t seat 40 inside and 20 or so outside on the sidewalk. Last night I had a huge pretzel from a street vendor, it was good too. Tonight we ate at one of the small local places that people who live here actually visit. Italian, I had spinach pie, layers of spinach, feta and filo, again oh my, that was good, and of course baklava, the best baklava I have ever eaten ever.

I think we saw everything Downtown New York has to offer, well almost everything. Time Square, all of Broadway, Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, Greenwich Village, Soho, China Town, Little Italy, Battery Park, United Nations building, Ground Zero, Waldorf, Rockerfeller Center (twice), Radio City Music Hall, Central Park-where we took a carriage ride through the park. I didn’t get to go to the MOMA, just not enough time or energy.

I am so tired, so more on New York tomorrow. One last thing tonight, something I learned today, sure do miss my sweet home Alabama!


Barb said...

Yay!!! You got to see a lot of my favorite things about NYC. I couldn't wait to see what you thought. I love NYC! (I guess I'm a city girl at heart!) I LOVE Little Italy - best italian food in USA. NYC is so exciting, you covered a lot in a short time. Yeah! Hope you get some rest -- it is so fun but so tiring.

Jenn said...

Sounds great! I wanna go back!