Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Somtimes people are nice

Its sad really, to be pleasantly surprised when someone is nice. There are so many rude, unhappy people in this world. I do not believe people are taught to be polite and courteous anymore. Is this a forgotten art? Does politeness not matter anymore? Are we raising a world full of rude people?

You probably want to know how I arrived at this, well....

Yesterday I took my car to get an oil change, a much over due, oil change. I pulled up to the Quicky Oil Change place and stated my purpose to the very polite, funny guy that came to my window. He says, politely, "How may I help yo today, maam?" (dont call me maam) "I just need an oil change" he says, "well your in the right place! Pull up to bay 2 and I will be right with you"

So I did, I watched them work on 2 other cars, it was taking a little while, but I wanst in a hurry and it was a pretty day and I was playing a game on my pod, all was well. The manager comes over, taps on the window and says; "Im sorry its taking so long, we'll be right with you." I said OK and waited. A few minutes more and I had my car in the oil change bay. The guy changing my oil was nice and friendly, talked to me, but not to much. Cleaned my window and all the stuff that goes with the oil change. They had a playful banter going on between, what I had now learned, was the new guy and the others. Things were slow, but it was ok because everyone was POLITE and COURTEOUS and NICE. They were happy and working hard and did a great job, even noticed a potential problem on my tire.

So the Quicky place may not have been quick, but I'll go back and recommend them because they were, as said above, POLITE, NICE, and COURTEOUS. It was a breath of fresh air, and I found it at the oil change place!

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