Tuesday, February 12, 2008

People are stupid

WARNING: If you don't want to read a blog by an angry person, bitching about stupid people, stop now and go away.

People are stupid. All people at some time or another are stupid!

For example, the small lever on the left side of your steering wheel, it maneuvers up and down, this is called the blinker. It turns on the blinking lights located on the left and right side of the back and front of the vehicle. These little lights let the people behind you know when you are going to turn or why you are stopping in the middle of the road presumably to turn, or maybe park.

The pretty lines with points, called arrows, painted in the, say Wal-Mart parking lot are directional cues. If you drive over an arrow pointing in the opposite direction than you are driving, you are going the wrong way. If it takes you 3 or 4 times to get your automobile straight(ish) in the parking spot, you were probably going the wrong way. If you do not have a little blue wheelchair printed either on your license plate or hanging from a tag on your rear view mirror, the convenient, large front parking spots... these are not for you. And parking in the fire lane, unless you are a firetruck, these are not for you either. Get your fat ass out of the car and WALK through the parking lot to the store, its not that far.

If I am standing in front of the deli, looking lovingly at the chicken fingers, I probably want to purchase some. Since they are located within a glass counter maned by two manly women wearing hair nets, I can not get them for myself. I need one of the hair nets to get them for me. I rudely interrupted their personal conversation and asked for a pound of chicken fingers. After they huffed and puffed and tried to stair me down, I got my chicken and a frown. These people are PAID to give me chicken fingers, don't be stupid give me the damn chicken.

Young kids, they need stimulus, exercise and discipline. My neighbors get none of these things. The mother gets in her car, every morning, warms it up, gets the 2 kids in and drives not 40 YARDS up the road to the bus, 40 maybe only 35 YARDS, YARDS, not miles. These 2 little kids climbs out of the car, get on the bus and the Mom backs back down the road into the drive way. STUPID. I used to walk to school every day, rain or shine, I loved it. It was my free time in the morning to kick rocks to school or talk to my friends.

And to end this wonderful bitching blog about stupid people.... One day my hubby tells me "The milk is bad" I stair at him and say, "All of it?" He lovingly chuckles and says, "No honey only to the top half... YES STUPID ALL OF IT!"

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