Thursday, January 31, 2008

age, its all relative

I was thinking about my age this morning. I'm 37, I'll be 38 in 1 month, 19 days. So what!

What is 37 suppose to feel like? What do the "rules" say? You know, the rules in that super secret book of life some people refer too. Those some people being the ones that say things like, "you are too old to act like that" or "look at her, she should know better" or "aren't you to old to wear THAT" or "she should be ashamed to be that age and ... (insert whatever here)".

Age has never been an issue in my family. The "30 something" stigma wasnt a thing. I want to grow old, otherwise you grow dead. I want to die a very old woman, full of life experiences and love. I dont want to say, 'I wish I had done....whatever'. I want to have a kick ass party when I turn 40, why? Because I want to, its 40. I want to have another one when I turn 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and the best one 99. Again, why? 'cause I want to.

I talked to a good friend yesterday that said since he's turned 43, he has felt great! I think thats what made me start thinking about my age, my years in life, my life experiences, what 37 is suppose to feel like. Whatever it is, I'm making it better!

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