Thursday, October 29, 2009

Morning Music Mystery

I don't usually watch MTV, but its the channel Jeremy left the TV on this morning and I think the dog is laying on the controller. After he tortured me all morning, I don't want to bother him and remind him I'm still here and I can reach the counter and he cant. So I watch, rather listen to MTV. This song comes on, it has a pleasant beat not to much, not to rappy, so I look up to see a lovely young woman singing a slightly familiar song. Shes really quite pretty and it looks like she actually knows where McDonald's is located. (This means she's not sickly skinny, she looks like a real person not a sick -stick person, a body type no real person can hope - or want- to acquire). So now I'm interested and watch the video intently, at first just to see this woman then I realize the song is not only vaguely familiar but I can almost remember the words. I like this version of the unknown song, I do not usually like remakes or perfectly good songs, but this one is nice. SO now I am racking my brain trying to come up with the original. I like to try really hard to come up with this solution on my own, before consulting the Oracle (a.k.a. the Internet, keeper of all things both good and bad).

After 5 or 10 minutes of more music the original song I heard is so far gone from my mind that I have no chance of coming up with the Original remade song at all. This is when Jeremy calls, thank goodness, I tell him about the song, he instantly replies, "Oh yea, I like that one to, the singer is the same one that sings the Battlefield son
g!" (another one I don't know the real name to). I tell him it sounds sort of familiar but I don't know why. He agrees and says he has no idea either. Great, but hey, I now have another name of one of her songs, sort of, so I can consult the Oracle.

Just as I am about to start the search Jeremy calls back and says, "Let the Music Play" to which I reply, 'I am, why?' he says, "No smarty, that's the name of the original song..."

So my music puzzle for today has been solved. 'Let the Music Play', by Shannon, circa 1983. The new version I heard this morning is by Jordan Sparks. Shannon should be proud, Jordan did a good job and she looks like a real person!

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martinstone said...

I just discovered the name of her previous song is Battlefield...