Monday, September 21, 2009

Babysitting 101

Babysitting, HA, that's a misnomer... as if you can actually sit while watching a toddler. Toddler Running, that would be a more appropriate name for it.

I kept Mason, Nephew #2, last week while my Mama was out of town. She has the normal duty of keeping up with the young man everyday. Its been a while since I have watched a young child by myself, I had forgotten all the things that they can do, get into, move, rearrange, change, destroy...

Here are just a few things I've learned/re-learned while keeping up with Mason:
1. Big bird is a god, so is Elmo but I don't like him
2. Nap time is sacred, anyone ringing my phone or doorbell during this time will be shot on sight
3. 2 Tablespoons of peanut butter can cover 3 square feet of counter top
4. When you give a 2 year old something he doesn't like... he will let you know.
Example: Mason, "I want tea!" I give him tea, he takes a drink... stairs at the cup, makes a face and says, "i don't like it" (tounge out). I ask why, he says, "I like Papas tea...."
5. Matchbox cars - though entertaining in and of themselves are even more entertaining for the child when the adult steps on the same car... barefoot.
6. Nemo is possibly the best kids movie EVER, according to me and the kid
7. A child with a balloon can move 2 immovable dogs, a cat and a coffee table
8. This same child can say 'Whatcha doin' 118 times in a row... without taking a breath
9. Cats do not like toy cars driven down their tails or across their backs
10. Dog bowl water will not hurt the child and it makes their hair shinny
11. Poopy diapers will make you grateful to change a litter box
12. A 2 year old CAN throw a car the length of my living room
13. It's OK to open the bag of Goldfish crackers in Wal-Mart to shush the child, if he's loud enough a worker will open the bag for you
14. Barney should be used as a weapon, he can and will make you drive off of a cliff if played in the backseat of a small car while driving on Quintard


Shanna said...

I am getting so much entertainment from your "TODDLER CHASING" adventures! :)

Blasé said...

Is 'Barney' still alive??

Ami said...

You are cracking me UP! Just bring the child over here next time. We can give your animals a break and let him work on Bishop and Jane for awhile :- )