Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Magic Big Wheel

J, my hubby, said something funny today. He was on the phone with his Mom so I could only hear part of his conversations, they were talking about his Mama's health, doctors visits, family, kids, blah blah blah. I'm not really paying attention to the conversation till I hear him say, "We really went far on our Big Wheels." This statement made me laugh.

I loved my Big Wheel, rode it all over the neighborhood. Rode it till the front wheel had a flat spot. When I went tearing down the hill as fast as I could go it went tadum, tadump, tadump, skkkkkkiiiiiidddddddddddd. You remember the hand break on the side? Thats what made the wheel so flat, skidding to sudden stop at the bottom of the hill. I would usually pull the break as my Mom yelled to SLLLOOOWWWW DOWN, NOW! or OMG she is going to kill herself on that thing.

Well I didnt, I didnt even get hurt, not on the Big Wheel anyway. I saved the injuries for the skateboard!

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Leifje said...

Oh My God! This is hilarious. My brother & I used to ride ours down our driveway & would "skid-out" with the brake. Good times.