Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Fresh Coat of Paint!

Well Springtime is here and its time for open toe shoes and I have, sorry had a problem. See you (any female in my office) cannot show up with naked toes, its a law. Officer Jennifer will deal out a rashin of ... well you get the idea. Anyway, my toes needed some attention and I was trying to figure out how to get this done on a Sunday afternoon. I didn't have time and wouldn't be able to find a reputable pedicure place at this hour, so I got out my stuff to get started. I soon discovered, because of my recent surgery, I couldn't bend to the proper contorted posision to work on my feet. I have 4 new holes in my belly precisely placed on top of old scars, for the third time and because of this I think they are healing a bit slowly. Anyway, these soon to be new scars are/were preventing me from accomplishing my toe painting task. If you are a reader of my crazyness you know I am spoiled, I have a wonderful husband that pays way more attention than I realized. He saw me struggling with trying to reach the crusty toes and he says, ever so sweetly, "Can I Help?" Now this would send some women into hysterics if their husband offered to file on the rough spots and paint the toes. It made me smile!

My hubby sat down on the floor next to the couch, pulled over the little red ottoman and propped my foot on it and started to work, I didn't interrupt of offer any suggestions I just let him work and he did a damn fine job. He held onto my foot like it was going to float off and I think half my foot went to sleep but my toes are painted a beautiful shade of red. He even cleaned the skin around the nail where he smudged polish. I dare say I couldn't have done a better job. So Jen, tomorrow my non naked toes are dedicated to Jeremy, my new pedicurist!

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Jenn said...

Do you hire him out? I mean, it's just a suggestion, but it's a good way for you guys to make extra money and do the world a favor by helping pitiful, pathetic toes everywhere!